Catz triangle Bluetooth speaker

Catz-triangleCatz triangle Bluetooth speaker has an interesting shape. It is priced at Rs. 2, 999.  It has a rubber feet on the bottom which helps it to stay in place when playing music.

The buttons and ports are placed along the rubberized edge of the speaker. It has a power toggle switch, Micro-USB port for charging and for the auxiliary input, a microphone, a microSD card slot and four control buttons.Voice prompt tell you which mode you are in and when the battery is low. It is possible to read out the number of incoming call.

The Catz triangle has a large eyelet placed on the top for hooking up the carabiner loop. The speaker is capable of playing MP3, WMA and WAV files directly from a microSD card. The mode button allows you to choose between FM radio, auxiliary input, Bluetooth input and music from microSD card. Battery life is of rate 3-5 hours.