Cubbon Park, Bangalore


The Cubbon Park is located at Bangalore, Karnataka. The Cubbon Park houses various botanical species which is of both native and exotic type. The flowers, massive bamboo trees, monuments, statues and buildings attract the tourists as well as the nature lovers. The Bangalore is nicknamed as “the garden city”.

The Cubbon Park was built by the British Chief Engineer of Mysore, Major General Richard Shankey in the year 1870.The Cubbon Park is maintained by the Horticulture Department. The park has buildings that are beautifully designed and statues of famous personalities and there are over 6,000 trees and plants in the park. The roads across the park are beautifully ornamented with exotic flowering trees. The beauty of the park also includes the lining of the roads of the park with the gulmohar trees.

The attractions of the park include the Lotus pond, the massive bamboo trees, and the Ringwood circle. The park also has an amusement park for the kids, which is known as Jawahar Bal Bhavan. Only families are allowed to enter the amusement park.The Park is open for the public all the time. But 5 AM to 8AM is declared as silent zone (vehicles are not allowed on the park road).