Golconda Fort

Golconda FortGolconda Fort is located in the Hyderbad City. The Fort was originally known as Mankal. It was built on hilltop in the year 1143. The exterior of the fort occupies an area 0f 3 square km which is about 4.8 km in length.
Initially the Golcanda Fort was called as Shepherd’s hill (Golla Konda in Telugu). The interior of fort has ruins of palaces, mosques and hill top pavilion, which is about 130 meters high and gives bird’s eye view of other buildings.
The Golconda has mounted cannons, four draw bridges, eight gateways, majestic halls, magazines etc. The Outer enclosure is called Fateh Darwaza which means victory gate. It is one of the famous engineering marvels at Golcanda. When you clap your hands at certain place near the dome entrance, it reverberates which is heard at the hill top pavilion which is one kilometer away. The Golconda fort is one of the heritage structures of India.