Mumbai, Capital of Maharashtra

victoria_terminus_mumbaiMumbai, Capital of Maharashtra and commercial capital of India is a home to variety of people from all over the country. The business opportunities and religious freedom drew people from all over the country. To reach Mumbai is very easy. Mumbai airport connects almost all parts of India and Mumbai is also connected by super fast trains to all major cities of India.
Mumbai, the City of Dreams have a population about 100 million. The best time to visit Mumbai is during October to February. The highlight of Mumbai city is food. The Chaupati beaches offer a wide variety of tasty street foods. Mumbai is also the Home of Indian Film Industry. The tourist spots at Mumbai includes the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chaupaty beach, the Haji Ali Mosque and The Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the headquarter of the central Railways and is one of the finest railway station .
Mumbai is the house to all brands of the world. The Fashion Street Linking Road and Lokhandwala market are ideal place for shopping and you get trendy products at a cheap price. The Malls are spread across the city making Mumbai the shopping spot.