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10153002_291613194331893_1574902767773542885_n11209505_442175139275697_2160008431071193737_nNyla Usha Indian movie actress, model, anchor, and a radio jockey. After working nearly as a RJ in hit 96.7 in Dubai, she went into the Indian film industry in 2013 at Kunjananthante Kada.Nyla was born in Gopakumar and Ushakumari. She studied at St. angel monastery Trivandrum, All Saints College, Trivandrum.
Nyla because she was very tall at a young age, started modeling at a young age, initially it is hoped that an air hostess, she became a channels.In2004 various TV television presenter Dubai , go to the United Arab Emirates, joining person to radio station she now, where 96.7 hit that acts as a radio jockey.