Sapota (Chiku) Health Benefit

sapota_625x350_61466151843Sapota gives your body a lot of energy due to the natural fructose and sucrose content present in sapota. It has high content of tannin, which works as natural anti-inflammatory. Sapota helps in digestion and helps in fixing constipation problems. Sapota is rich in dietry fiber,Vitamin A, B and C. It also has anti-oxidants.

Sapota also prevents certain types of cancer such as oral cavity cancer. This delicious fruit is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron which is essential for proper bone growth. The magnesium present in this fruit keeps the blood vessels up and running.

Sapota contains potassium which regulates blood pressure and circulation. It is also treat anemia as it is rich in iron. Having Sapota daily helps to remove toxins from the body and it is great for skin and hair and keeps them moisturized.