The Mouse and Keyboard

roccat-mouse-and-keyboard-isku-kone-650x365Mouse is a rectangular shaped device with a rubber ball (tracking ball) embedded at its lower side and buttons on the top. This hand held device enables you to control your computer without having to type instruction from keyboard. It serves to move across computer screen as well helps to activate commands.

Working on mouse is comparatively faster than working on keyboard. There are two types of mouse

  • Two button mouse
  • Three button mouse

The Keyboard is a typewriter like device which contains key to feed information in to the computer. Keyboards are available in two models

  • The standard keyboard with 83-84 keys
  • Enhanced keyboard with 104 keys or more

The types of key include typewriter key, function keys, cursor control keys, pageUpkey,pageDown key, home key, end key, numeric key pad, caps lock key, shift key, Ctrl and Alt keys, Enter key, tab key, esc key, delete and backspace key and others.