Why Mi4i doesn’t have memory card slot?

xiaomi_mi3_review_sim_card_slotXiaomi’s latest smartphone model Mi4i has launched in India. When Mi4i introduced it’s features, everyone noticed that it doesn’t has memory card slot. It was a confused question from customers to the company.

Here is the reply from the company Vice President Hugo Bara to those who unsatisfied with the reply that it has 16 GB onboard storage. It is reported by India today.

— Incase of MicroSD card, it may need a larger motherboard. Currently Mi4i’s motherboard is slim. Phone’s thickness will increase if redesign the phone and motherboard.

— Moreover the weight also has to increase if insert the memory card slot.

— Memory card may cause phone’s performance. Often it maybe the reason for crashing the Apps.

— Company said that you can use Mi4 Cloud If not satisfied with 16 GB.

There would be a chance to launch Mi4i with 32 GB & 64 GB internal storage phones in the future, said the company.